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Structure of AHU and specifications of AHU

AHU is the air handling equipment used in commercial buildings and industrial buildings. Let’s learn

DDC control programming

The DDC programming and control unit is increasingly improved, playing a role in the operation

What is AHU? What does AHU stand for?

Referring to air conditioning and circulation, it is impossible not to mention AHU. Nowadays, the

AHU brands and AHU suppliers in Vietnam

The demand for AHU is becoming more and more widespread. What AHU brands are available

What is a pass box? The size categories of the pass box

To distinguish, compare AHU and RTU how different, people are based on 3 criteria: structure,

Operating process of air conditioning system, chiller

The demand for using air conditioning systems is increasing, but the process of operating the

BMS system controls HVAC

In industrial buildings, large and large scale requires a device that can control and manage

What are AHU and PAU?

AHU and PAU are devices related to air handling. Let’s find out what the definitions