AHU brands and AHU suppliers in Vietnam

The demand for AHU is becoming more and more widespread. What AHU brands are available and are there any AHU suppliers in Vietnam?

Introduction to AHU

AHU (AIR Handling Unit) is an air processor, a heat exchanger used in HVAC systems, industrial workshops, etc. where there is a high demand for clean rooms such as:

– Pharmaceutical industry

– Cosmetics industry

– Veterinary industry

– Electronics,…

AHU Air handling equipment

AHU – Air handling equipment

AHU systems are also widely used in commercial buildings, large buildings with central chiller systems.

AHU is also used in corridors, large halls, …

There are 2 types of AHU in terms of thermal conductivity: AHU runs water and AHU direct refrigeration

The most common form of AHU

Structure of AHU

In terms of structure, ahu includes 8 main components:

  1. Air supply hose connected to air conditioning equipment hua.
  2. Metal box containing high pressure blower (air circulation)
  3. Silencer, vibration reduction
  4. Heating and cooling systems are often heat exchangers
  5. Air filter (ensure clean air)
  6. The control system consists of thermistor, actuator three-way valve, ..
  7. Gas transmission system
  8. Air supply and circulation pipes

General structure of the AHU

General structure of the AHU
AHU brands today:

Vietnam market uses different AHU brands. Famous brands are often used in Vietnam:

  • Carrier
  • Trane
  • York
  • Daikin
  • Toshiba
  • Mítubishi
  • Hitachi
  • National
  • LG,…

AHU LG Intech

Each row has its own dominant in certain categories. Therefore, the choice of which AHU to use depends on the specific conditions of the project, the financial situation of the business, the investor, payment conditions or delivery time, …

Depending on the specific characteristics of the building, capacity, or customer requirements or other requirements to choose the appropriate type of AHU for the project.

There are the following types of AHU:

– Localized AHU: Windows, 2-piece air conditioners, split air conditioners and free-flowing loose air conditioners.

– AHU dispersion air conditioner: VRV air conditioner, water chiller.

– AHU central air-conditioners: Air conditioners, such as cabinets, provide air by wind channel systems

There are the following types of air conditioners:

– Local air conditioner: Windows, 2-piece air conditioner, split air conditioner and free-flowing air conditioner.

– Air conditioner dispenser: VRV air conditioner, water chiller.

– Central air-conditioner: Air-conditioner with the wind channel.

Some popular AHU providers in Vietnam:

– KING AIR Vietnam (is the leading AHU manufacturer in Taiwan)

– Binh Phat Company specializes in importing and supplying all kinds of AHU

– Binh An Refrigeration Technology Joint Stock Company

– COOLTECH Vietnam Co., Ltd …

To select the AHU appropriate to the conditions of use, need to understand the parameters as well as its origin. Through the article, INTECH has helped you to refer more AHU brands and some popular AHU suppliers in Vietnam.

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