Structure of AHU and specifications of AHU

AHU is the air handling equipment used in commercial buildings and industrial buildings. Let’s learn about AHU’s structure and specifications.

Structure of AHU

Introduction to AHU

AHU (Air Handling Unit) – The air handling unit is AHU, a heat exchanger used in HVAV systems, industrial workshops, etc. where there is a high demand for clean rooms such as:

– Pharmaceutical industry

– Cosmetics industry

– Veterinary industry

– Electronics,…

AHU systems are also widely used in commercial buildings, large buildings with central chiller systems.

The essence of AHU is to create air with three standards: temperature, cleanliness and humidity.

AHU is composed of:

Supply air hose connects to the AHU air conditioner

Metal box containing high pressure blower (air circulation)

Silencer, vibration reduction

Heating and cooling systems are usually heat exchangers

Air filter (ensure clean air)

Control system consists of thermistor and actuator 3 way valve

Air duct system

Air supply and circulation pipes

Structure of AHU

Small-sized air conditioners for on-site use are often called terminals and are made up of: air purifiers, heat exchangers, blowers only.

Operation principle of AHU:

When the room temperature is larger than the set temperature, the 3-way valve will open so that cold water flows through the heat exchanger until the temperature is lower than the set temperature, the 3-way valve is closed. and cold water will flow through the bypass to the chiller.

The air before being put into the AHU will be filtered through prefilter and bag filter, which is regularly cleaned. If HEPA filter is required, if it is necessary to use cleanliness.

Cold air generated from the environment air after going through the filter will contact the heat exchanger inside the AHU. After that, cold air is blown when entering the circulation chamber through the duct and then to the room using air conditioning.

General structure of the AHU

Specifications of AHU KaSunAir (Air Handling Unit)

– Supplier: KaSunAir

– Origin: Taiwanese materials (manufactured and assembled in Vietnam)

– Warranty period: 24 months

– Model: KH

– Description: AHU of KaSunAir is not limited in design capacity, has a diverse design to meet all installation locations of the project, materials are imported directly from Taiwan (including aluminum radiators , Gravure, Panel …)

– The outer shell of the AHU is composed of thick galvanized steel metal, completely insulated with polyethylene insulation. On the surface treated with chemical phosphate, spray polyester powder paint and finished with a glossy paint against weather changes, besides increasing aesthetics and anti-rust.

– Evaporator: There are copper pipes with the ability to transfer heat of high quality aluminum wings, linked into the tube beam to withstand water pressure up to 14MPa to ensure the optimal surface contact.

– Wind flow: 2720 ÷ 59500 CMH

– Cooling capacity: 5 ÷ 100

Depending on the type of AHU and needs, the AHU has a different structure, usually the AHU is composed of 8 basic parts and corresponding to each AHU, there are specifications compatible with it.

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