DDC control programming

The DDC programming and control unit is increasingly improved, playing a role in the operation of Chiller air conditioning systems, pumps as well as cooling towers.

Introduction to DDC control programming

DDC (Direct Digital Control) is the central controller.

DDC control programming usually comes with HVAC system, a DDC can control one or more FCU, AHU. In addition, DDC can also control the operation of the chillers, pumps, cooling towers.

DDC is the central controller

DDC control system includes:

  • Microprocessor-based controller with logic controls implemented by software.
  • Analog – to – Digital Converter (A / D) converts analog values ​​into technical signals used by the microprocessor.

Benefits of DDC

DDC has 3 special benefits that help improve efficiency, improve operational efficiency, and significantly increase energy efficiency:

Improved efficiency:

DDC control programming makes the HVAC quality system tuning more efficient by providing more accurate data sensing.

Electronic sensors measure parameters in conventional HVAC quality standards such as temperature, humidity and pressure more accurately than previous pneumatic-operated devices.

Today, people often use the logic of a control loop into software, this logic can be easier to change.

DDC is increasingly flexible in resetting the reset schedule, positioning and overall adjustment logic.

DDC control programming is popularly used for its high efficiency

Improvements in operational efficiency represent the greatest opportunities for improvement in direct digital control.

Strong alarm capability, capable of locating alarms to different locations on the same network system for all DDC control systems.

DDC control programming is likely to follow the trend by allowing a technician or diagnostic engineer to be able to troubleshoot system problems and control problems.

DDC has been improved in terms of performance

The DDC system also allows data storage and analysis of trends in equipment performance over time.

Devices operating at different times can be monitored and the cannon follows an alarm or message when an early or late conversion must occur or if it is time to perform routine maintenance. .

Off-site accessibility and the ability to exchange information often occur outside the workplace, allowing owners or operators to access their systems remotely.

Many parts of the DDC control system may be involved in troubleshooting of the same problem.

DDC control system providers, engineers and trustees can all use DDC features to better diagnose and visualize problems.

Increased energy efficiency:

Thanks to compressed air, it is easy to copy in DDC logic, so there are many control strategies to save energy used in tuning logic.

There have been many programs that use additional energy efficiency to be able to use the DDC control system thanks to the addition of DDC control programming to many complex mathematical functions, easily achieved in software. .

Easier implementation of strategies such as monitoring and limiting demand with DDC control systems.

Energy efficiency increased

People monitor and control the overall need for an establishment by reusing setpoint of different systems based on different levels of demand.

DDC control is set at the regional level, which will probably be done by reducing the cooling demand on a regional basis by storing energy consumption trends and patterns. was tracked.

DDC control programming can also be focused on scheduling turned on, or off plan in applications where schedules are frequently changed.

Maybe the phrase DDC programming programming is unfamiliar to many people, but through the article INTECH has partly helped you understand more about DDC.

Through the article, INTECH helped readers learn about DDC programming, control, and the great uses of DDC.

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