What is AHU? What does AHU stand for?

Referring to air conditioning and circulation, it is impossible not to mention AHU. Nowadays, the demand for air conditioners is becoming more and more widespread, air problems are mentioned more and more. So what is AHU? What does AHU stand for?

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What does AHU stand for?

AHU stands for AIR Handling Unit.

AHU Air handling equipment

2. What is AHU?

AHU is an air processor, a heat exchanger commonly used in HVAV systems, industrial workshops, etc. where there are high requirements for clean rooms such as:

– Pharmaceutical industry

– Cosmetics industry

– Veterinary industry

– Electronics,…

AHU systems are also widely used in commercial buildings, large buildings with central chiller systems.

AHU LG Intech

AHU is also used in corridors, large halls, …

There are 2 types of AHU in terms of thermal conductivity: AHU runs water and AHU direct refrigeration

Water AHU:

There are 2 types of There are 2 types of AHU that run on heat exchangers using heat between cold water passing through copper pipes and blowing air with centrifugal fans.

Control system: Temperature sensor, humidity, actuator fall valve, chiller, …

3-way valve will open when the room temperature is greater than the set temperature for cold water to flow through the heat exchanger until the temperature drops to the set temperature, the 3-way valve closes, cold water flows to the water chiller (chiller) ) via bypass.in terms of thermal conductivity: AHU runs water and AHU direct refrigeration

AHU direct refrigerated gas (DX AHU):

Including: Heat exchanger used to exchange heat between cold gases thanks to the suction of centrifugal fans passing through the copper pipes and blowing air through it.

Prefilter and bag filter units supply air before entering the area when it is often used. When high cleanliness is required, use HEPA filters.

AHU has a fan that is often used as a centrifugal fan, and the fan is used in clean rooms with an exception of static pressure up to 1000Pa.

Use VSD (variable speed drive) to calibrate exactly the amount designed for large-capacity fans.

The blower speed to control the outlet air temperature is controlled via the chilled water valve.

All AHUs are manufactured according to ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14000: 2004 quality standards.

Quality standards are certified according to the CE standard with the aim of meeting the strict requirements of the EU, while for the pharmaceutical industry, AHU is usually imported by Eurovent certified suppliers.

Structure of AHU

In terms of structure, ahu includes 8 main components:

  1. Air supply hose connected to air conditioning equipment ahu
  2. Metal box containing high pressure blower (air circulation)
  3. Silencer, vibration reduction
  4. Heating and cooling systems are often heat exchangers
  5. Air filter (ensure clean air)
  6. The control system consists of thermistor, actuator three-way valve, ..
  7. Gas transmission system
  8. Air supply and circulation pipes

Structure of AHU

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