What are AHU and PAU?

AHU and PAU are devices related to air handling. Let’s find out what the definitions of AHU and PAU are.

What is AHU? What is PAU?



AHU (Air Handling Unit) – The air handling unit is AHU, a heat exchanger used in HVAV systems, industrial workshops, etc. where there is a high demand for clean rooms such as:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Cosmetics industry
  • Veterinary industry
  • Electronics,…

AHU systems are also widely used in commercial buildings, large buildings with central chiller systems.


Design of PAU

PAU is a device that treats fresh air such as filtration, cooling, heating, dehumidification or humidification before being put into FCU.

Size of AHU and PAU:

PAU and AHU are exactly the same size. Are large cooling platforms with large wind blower centers usually greater than 20 meters.

AHU and PAU have a long range, so the fan head is usually large from 300 pa or more.

From the article we can see that AHU is an air handling device, while PAU is a part of FCU. Are 2 different devices but each has the function of air handling.

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