BMS system controls HVAC

In industrial buildings, large and large scale requires a device that can control and manage the systems in it. Let’s find out about BMS system controlling HVAC through the following article!

Introducing the HVAC BMS control system

BMS (Building Management System) is a synchronous system that allows control and management of all technical systems in the building. As:

Power system

Domestic water supply system


Environmental warning

Security, fire alarm, fire fighting, ..

=> The purpose of BMS is to ensure the correct and timely operation of equipment in the building.

BMS system

Management object in the BMS control system:

Power distribution station

Backup generators, batteries

Lighting systems

Air conditioning and ventilation system

Domestic water supply system

Fire alarm system

Fire System

Elevator system

Public sound system

Water supply system, waste treatment

Public image notification system

Access card system

Security system: including access control, extra timekeeping, security camera systems, infrared and electrical barrier systems, biological identification systems and biological rooms, etc.

Elevator system and emergency exit

Communication systems

The HVAC control BMS system helps control the operation of the above systems in an optimal and effective way. In accordance with the requirements of the user, helping to ensure and save power, increase the life and reduce equipment wear.

BMS control system in a building


The BMS control system provides the following features:

M&E systems in buildings are controlled and supervised to ensure the optimal operation of the systems.

Mechanical and electrical systems in buildings work together to best meet the level of usage requirements, ensuring security, safety and comfort, and comfort for people in the building. .

A communication tool can be created for building operators to control the mechanical and electrical systems of the building safely and effectively.

The BMS control system statistics statistics on operation status, specifications of electrical and mechanical systems in the form of reports, databases, … helping engineers operate the building. the most optimal way

In addition, the BMS system automatically automatically detects incidents and issues alerts quickly and accurately to the operator so that they can be quickly corrected and repaired to avoid affecting the operation. Building.

BMS control also creates the most comfortable and friendly working environment for people when participating in the activities of the building, helping to improve working and production efficiency.

Benefits from the HVAC BMS control system

Automate and simplify the operation of repetitive procedures and functions.

The equipment in the building is better managed thanks to the data storage system, maintenance and maintenance programs and the automatic alert reporting system.

With customer requirements or when a problem occurs, the BMS system can respond quickly and minimize incidents.

Centralized management features control and energy management help reduce energy costs.

Easy to use, the management model is intuitive on computers, which helps to reduce the maximum costs for training and personnel to save costs and reduce staff training time.

Flexible programming on demand, size, organization and various expansion requirements, easy to upgrade.

Benefits of BMS

Application connected from BMS system to control HVAC system in smart buildings

The control air conditioner uses VRV technology to adjust the refrigerant flow.

Central air conditioning Chiller.

BMS control system, perform the integration of 2 systems via net / LON BAC for VRV air conditioner and ModBus for Chiller.

BMS performs the role of Supervising – Controlling HVAC system to all devices of the air-conditioning system without affecting the activities and functions of other equipment in the system.

The output of the air conditioner system will perform the task of monitoring, the input of the BMS system will perform the operations of control, monitoring, supervision and management at the control computer of the BMS system.

VRV air conditioning equipment

Using chiller system’s chilled water when integrating the system, the operator’s monitoring of refrigeration parameters, the number of air-conditioner units involved in the operation, the refrigerant pressure in the compressors, the temperature evaporation of refrigerant, operating time becomes more convenient.

The operating status, operating mode automatically controlled HVAC monitoring is controlled by the BMS system, tracking to factors related to the operation process. The monitoring, control acquisition of equipment parameters, the time involved in operation in the system to reschedule maintenance.

Monitoring status, alarming when incidents occur and controlling ventilation fans, controlling air flow, managing the concentration of air in the basement area.

HVAC BMS control system helps synchronize, manage and control all systems in industrial buildings, high-rise apartments, .. to bring safety and efficiency to people and works.

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