Operating process of air conditioning system, chiller

The demand for using air conditioning systems is increasing, but the process of operating the air conditioner, chiller system most effectively is not known, and INTECH learn through the article below!

A. Prepare to start the air-conditioning system to run the operating procedure


After finishing all work on all construction and cleaning work where equipment is installed. To fill the condenser with water, to complete the installation of electric motors and control cabinets, the trial run and the trial run time shall be set by the installation unit.

Checking devices

Check compressor equipment and other equipment during commissioning. The work will be supported by its experts and checked together.

Check the compressor

Check the concentricity of the screw, the drive shaft, the smooth operation of the rotary shaft compressor and electric motor. In addition, it is necessary to ensure the cleanliness of the sealing surfaces, adding lubricating oil to the insertion sites and moving parts of compressors,

Check the condenser

Carry out an examination of the water distribution device, currents and uniform water distribution on the heat transfer surfaces.

Check that all types of thermometers, manometers and safety valves are complete; Check that the balance tubes of the container and the outside pipes from the safety valves onwards are in accordance with the safety regulations.

Check the evaporator

Check pipe insulation and support parts. Check the full range of thermometers, manometers and safety valves.

Check oil level

Run the machine to check the oil level in the system, check the amount of oil in the oil storage tank thanks to the optical oil probe.

Check Chiller control cabinet

Carry out careful inspection of every detail, detail assemblies, boards, switches, fuses to see if they have been changed or damaged compared to the original structure, then correct them again. original location.

Check with specialized testing tools, conduct measurements, check the parameters of the voltage, the current of the input source as well as the output sources.

Check out the Valve

Check the valves in each of the Chiller assemblies, check the operating status, reset to correct with the parameters set in the control panel.

Check the balance of the installation of the Chiller cluster system

Using connected water pipes to check the balance of each Chiller cluster, measure the height of 4 corners of Chiller to see whether it is equal or not.

B. Turn on the phone and stop

Prepare for air conditioning system

Preparations include: Checking the condition of pipes, valves and automatic control and control devices.

The position of valve opening and closing must be done carefully, because it can cause trouble or life danger when there is a valve that opens and opens improperly.

All valves on the pump thruster up to the condenser must be opened, except the compressor throttle valve.

Values ​​that have occurred or areolating valves must be closed. Valves connect compressors and devices with controls, controls and guards.

Put the subsystem into working state

These include: Opening the expansion tank pump, opening the valves from the expansion tank to the cooling towers to supply the cooling tower water.

Open the water pump of the expansion vessel

Open the water pump from cooling tower, open the globe valve, stop valve, motorize valve, balancing valve at FCU, PAU or at branches between floors.

The cooling tower fan will be opened to draw air into the cooling tower. Conduct a check of the water level in the tank, check whether the water is clean or dirty for measures to flush and sanitize the pipe. And finally, check the working level of other systems.

Prepare for working equipment

Prepare for working equipment

The purpose of this job is to get all devices ready to go.

For the condenser, open the cooling tower water pump to provide cooling water, check the flow of water through, open the cooling tower fan to conduct the cooling of the condenser.

Turn on the chilled water pumps and check the chilled water flow when entering the FCU, PAU.

Check the air flow in the ducts and open the FCU, Pau after going into the vents in the air-conditioned room. The automated control and control devices are finally checked at this stage.

Starting Chiller air conditioning system

Re-check the opening and closing positions of compressor ear valves and valves connected to manometers and automatic control devices. Check more lubrication system, amount of lubricating oil.

Control refrigeration equipment

Check the working of FCU, AHU on a regular basis. Adjust the flow of cold water going into FCU, AHU, check the status of the compressor and the main and auxiliary equipment.

Stop the machine

Press the stop button on the Chiller air conditioning system, then press the stop button to condenser cooling pump, stop the cold water pump, stop all the subsystems. Ending the operation process of the air conditioner system.

Above, INTECH has issued the regulation

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