FFU (Fan Filter Unit)

  • Consist of a HEPA filter and a dry dust filtering fan. 
  • Integrates with a fan, HEPA filters and filter box, and typically mounted on the cleanroom ceiling. 
  • Commonly used in clean rooms
  • Primary function is to filter and supply clean air into the working environment.

AERMEC Vietnam Joint Stock Company, also known as AERMEC VIET NAM., JSC, specializes in supplying various types of air ducts, duct accessories, and cleanroom equipment.

The FFU Mini Fan Filter Unit is widely distributed in the Vietnamese market and nationwide, with high-quality standards and manufactured on modern technology assembly lines.

FFU – Fan Filter Unit

FFU, which stands for Fan Filter Unit, is an air filtration system used to clean the air inside cleanrooms. FFU utilizes a fan and filter to generate clean air within the environment.

The main components of an FFU typically include:

  • Case: Have the function of protection and shaping for the FFU.
  • Control system: Used to adjust the filtration levels of the unit.
  • Filters: Usually comprising both pre-filters and fine filters. Pre-filters remove larger particles, protecting the machine, while fine filters provide more thorough filtration, with up to 99.8% efficiency.
  • Fan: Have the function of drawing in external air and pushing it through the filter into the cleanroom.

FFUs are widely used in various industries such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, food processing, laboratories, and automobile manufacturing, where stringent cleanroom requirements on cleanliness are essential for production environment.

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Technical Specifications of FFU – Fan Filter Unit



Technical drawing of Standard FFU

Application of FFU – Fan Filter Unit from AERMEC

The FFU Fan Filter Unit is an air filter box with lightweight design and high corrosion resistance. It prevents secondary pollution while providing sound insulation, low noise, and minimal vibration. With its low power consumption, it helps users save costs, making FFU applicable in various fields, including:

  • Electronic component manufacturing industry.
  • Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Food processing industry.
  • Hospitals and research institutes.


FFU is widely applied in many fields.

Why FFU is commonly used in cleanrooms

Cleanrooms are known for their high energy consumption and high cleanliness requirements.

  • FFU’s fan has the ability of effectively cleaning the air with minimal noise production.
  • FFU has the function of filtering the air from outside and pushing it into the clean room to supplement the filtered air for the clean room to ensure fresh air and maintain the pressure for the clean room.
  • FFU uses HEPA filters, capable of cleaning air up to 99% and removing particles as small as 0.3 micrometers.
  • FFU produces low noise because of using multi-blade fans, resulting in low power consumption, low operating costs, and long service life.
  • Simple and user-friendly design. 
  • The air filter is also designed to be straightforward and easy to use, with adjustable air velocity and FFU weight.
  • Lightweight and thin.

FFU is designed to be lightweight and thin, making it easy for transportation and installation.

With all these advantages, FFU has become increasingly popular in cleanrooms.

Proper and Safe Use and Installation of FFU:

FFUs should be installed in clean environments with proper truss and hanging systems that can bear the weight of the entire unit. They should not be used in harsh environments with high humidity and potential fire hazards. 

When installing, it is essential to have experienced specialists to ensure the operational function of the equipment. In case of any issues, the power should be disconnected, and a qualified technician should be invited for maintenance to ensure the cleanliness level and safety of the cleanroom.

Reasons to Choose AERMEC’s FFU:

  • All products are thoroughly tested for safety features and product quality meeting standards before supplying to contractors and partners.
  • Quick response to customer inquiries.
  • Technical support team with rich experience, providing on-site installation assistance upon request.
  • On-site Delivery, typically taking 15-20 days.
  • Customer feedback is highly valued.
  • One-year warranty for products and services.
  • Availability of all materials and replacement components.
  • Prompt resolution of customer queries within 48 hours.


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– FFU Mini Fan Filter Unit
– FFU (Fan Filter Unit)


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