Clean booth

CLEAN BOOTH is a simple cleanroom, used for high-level filtration requirements, such as in assembly work or high-precision product assembly areas.

Features and characteristics:

  1. Cost-effective: Lower cost compared to conventional cleanrooms.
  2. Efficiency: Provides vertical airflow, easily improves cleanliness levels.
  3. Convenience: Easy installation/assembly.
  4. Flexibility: Can be moved with wheels for compact booths.
  5. Customization: Can be designed and customized according to customer requirements.


Clean booth is a type of cleanroom. With Fan Filter Units (FFUs) as the core, the clean booth can achieve high cleanliness levels. It is a good and suitable choice for creating a clean space from an ordinary room or a low-level cleanroom.

With easy installation, low cost, modular design, and easy upgradeability, Clean booth is widely used in electronics assembly lines, laboratories, assembly areas, and cleaning areas.

The clean booth with FFU air supply, aluminum frame (stainless steel or electrostatically painted steel), and static sticker (or carbon glass) can achieve cleanliness levels ranging from class 10 to 100,000.

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Cleanbooth in Bac Ninh

Specifications of CLEANBOOTH

SpecificationsSoft wall Clean BoothHard wall Clean Booth
CleanlinessRanging from Class 100 to Class 10,000
External DimensionCustomizable
Cabinet MaterialStainless Steel
Electrical Source
Hepa FilterHEPA H14 filters
Frame MaterialStainless Steel
Wall MaterialPVC plastic wall with anti-static propertiesAcrylic wall with anti-static properties (106~109Ω)
LightingLighting fixtures
Air ConditionerCustomizableTRANE Brand – (Imported from Thailand)

In addition to the above specifications, AERMEC VIETNAM can also provide custom design services according to customer requirements.


Cleanliness levelModelInternal dimensionsQuantityAir volume (m3/h)
W * D * H (mm)FFU
Class 100AERS6 * 82000 * 3000 * 220066600
AERS 8 * 122440 * 3660 * 22001213200
AERS 8 * 162450 * 4880 * 22001617600
AERS 8 * 202440 * 6100 * 22002022000
Class 1000AERS6 * 82000 * 3000 * 220022200
AERS 8 * 162440 * 4880 * 220044400
AERS 12 * 163660 * 4880 * 220066600
AERS 20 * 246100 * 7300 * 22001213200
Class 10000AERS6 * 82000 * 3000 * 220011100
AERS 8 * 162440 * 4880 * 220022200
AERS 12 * 163660 * 4880 * 220044400
AERS 20 * 246100 * 7300 * 220088800


  • Flexible assembly: Compared to traditional cleanrooms, clean booths are easy to install and cost-effective due to shorter construction time.
  • Quality materials can be chosen.
  • Replicable structure: Compared to clean benches, clean booths are multifunctional and can be used as an unit or combined with other clean equipment. They can even be integrated into production lines for dust-free manufacturing.
  • Flexbibility: Few limitations or low requirements for floor situations and on-site conditions. The interior space is sufficient for use, and the frame can be recycled.

Clean Booth with FFU Drawing


  1. Pass box
  2. Air shower
  3. ULPA filters
  4. Sticky mat
  5. Pressure measurement
  6. Sunshade area
  7. Other pressure control devices
  8. Transparent PVC curtains/mesh
  9. Static temperature and humidity air conditioning system


Why should you choose products from INTECH factory?

All products are tested for safety and performance after completion according to international standards.

The testing includes:

  • Form inspection (inside, outside)
  • Functional and visual inspection
  • Electrical safety testing
  • Speed testing
  • Noise testing

Professional services

  • Quick response when receiving a quotation request from customers
  • Understanding of equipment and customer needs
  • Dedicated technical support, experienced and capable of on-site installation as required.Cleanbooth%20Aermec%20VN

Cleanbooth%20Aermec%20VN AERMEC Vietnam Clean booth

Delivery Service

  • The usual delivery time is from 15-20 days.
  • We offer home delivery options.

Customer Care Service

  • We highly value customer feedback after using our products.
  • We provide a 1-year warranty for our products and services.
  • All materials and replacement components are readily available.


Clean Booth Under Construction

Some of the projects that have utilized AERMEC Vietnam’s Clean Booth products include LG INNOTEK in Haiphong, UTI in Thai Nguyen, FTF, and more.

INTECH specializes in manufacturing, supplying, and installing Clean Booths nationwide. If you have any demands, please contact us for free consultation and to receive a quotation as soon as possible.


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