AHU for Electronics Cleanroom

AHU stands for Air Handling Unit, which is a heat exchange device commonly used in HVAC systems, industrial parks that require cleanrooms such as pharmaceutical cleanrooms, cosmetic cleanrooms, veterinary cleanrooms, and electronic cleanrooms. AHU systems are also extensively used in commercial buildings and large buildings with central chiller systems. Additionally, AHUs are applied in corridors and large auditoriums.


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The AHU is manufactured at the INTECH factory and delivered to the construction site.

AHUs consist of a heat exchange coil (typically using chilled water flowing through copper tubes and air blowing across it) and a high-pressure fan (centrifugal fan). The control system includes temperature sensors, three-way valves, actuators… When the room temperature exceeds the set temperature, the three-way valve opens to allow chilled water to flow through the heat exchange coil until the temperature drops to the set temperature, at which point the three-way valve closes, and the chilled water bypasses back to the equipment for water chilling (chiller). Before entering the AHU, the air is usually filtered through pre-filters and bag filters. When a higher level of cleanliness is required, HEPA filters are used.


INTECH manufactures specialized AHUs for electronic component cleanrooms.

The three-way valve technology is a long-standing technology, and nowadays, people often use smooth control actuators for chilled water valves. It can control the opening degree of the chilled water valves to each percentage.

As for the high-pressure fan, three-speed fans are typically used for small AHUs (similar to FCUs), while variable speed drives (VSDs) are used for larger capacity fans. By controlling the opening degree of the chilled water valve to each percentage, the speed of the fan is adjusted to control the temperature of the air outlet.

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However, these AHUs do not have high accuracy; they are only used to handle air. For precise temperature and humidity control, individual FCUs in each area perform this task effectively.

The supply air is usually filtered through pre-filters and bag filters before entering the designated area. When a higher level of cleanliness is required, HEPA filters are used.

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INTECH AHUs offer reasonable costs and meet standard timelines.

AHU supply fans are typically centrifugal fans, with application in cleanrooms where static pressure of the fan reaches up to 1000 Pa. To accurately adjust the airflow according to design, VSDs are used for large capacity fans. By controlling the chilled water valve and the fan speed, the air outlet temperature can be regulated.

All INTECH AHUs are manufactured according to ISO 9001:2015 quality standards. Product quality is always a top priority for INTECH. Let INTECH be a partner of your company in the process of constructing cleanrooms and providing cleanroom equipment, AHUs.

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