Rolling door Air Shower

AIRSHOWER is a room that personnel need to pass through before entering a cleanroom to sterilise. This is achieved by blowing off dust particles on the personnel’s body and clothing using spray nozzles to minimize contamination of equipment or products.

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  1. Controlled by an English-language control panel, automatically activated by an optical sensor.
  2. Time display clock can be adjusted from 0-99 seconds on the control panel’s display screen, making it easy to adjust.
  3. Base and spray nozzles are made of stainless steel.
  4. Efficiency can reach up to 99.99% @ 0.3μm with pre-filter and HEPA filter.
  5. Wind Speed: 22-25 m/s

The operating principle of Air Shower

When a person enters the Air Shower, the system is activated by a sensor, and clean air is blown out through nozzles mounted on the walls. After the preset air blowing time, the rear door can be opened for workers to enter and start working.

Depending on the number of people entering at a given time, there are types of Airshower with sizes and standards. There are also continuous pass-through models without stopping (tunnel model).

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The operating principle of Air Shower

Common Types of Air Showers in the market:

  • Tunnel Type Air Shower
  • Single Wing Air Shower – Revolving Door
  • Rolling Door Air Shower
  • Double Wing Air Shower – Sliding Door
  • Double Wing Air Shower – Revolving Door

Common applications:

Air showers are widely used in various industries such as electronics, microelectronics, precision instruments, medical, food processing, dust-free spraying, etc..


Product Type Air Shower
Case MaterialCold-rolled steel with electrostatic coating.
Stainless steel floor
Door MaterialAluminum alloy frame with glass door
Spray NozzlesStainless steel
Door TypeRolling Door
Blowing Direction2-way blowing
Control SystemIntelligent control system in English
LockMotor interlock or electric lock
HEPA Filter Efficiency99.99% at 0.3um
Pre-filterG4, optional
Time DisplayAdjustable from 0-99s
Wind Speed 20-25m/s
Electrical SourceAC 380V/50HZ/3PH
Safety FeaturesResidual current device and thermal overload relay (protecting users from electric leakage)

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Air Shower produced at INTECH

INTECH is proud to be a company specializing in cleanroom equipment, providing various cleanroom equipment products such as:

Air Handling Unit – AHU
Air Shower
Pass Box
Clean Booth
Blower Filter Unit (BFU).
Fan Filter Unit (FFU).
Fan Coil Unit – FCU.

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