PAU – Preliminary Air Handling Equipment

  • Inlet: 1500×500
  • Return Door: 1750×550

What is PAU?

PAU or Primary Air Units, is an air handling equipment used in preliminary phases, such as filtration, cooling/heating, dehumidification, or humidification, before the air is supplied to the indoor HVAC unit (FCU). There, the indoor HVAC units (FCUs) handle the remaining components.

FCUs and PAUs can share the same total cooling load, reduce the PAU’s output temperature then the FCUs’ capacity should be increased or vice versa. However, the always-constant component is the fresh air volume, meaning the air supply remains unchanged. Designing PAU helps maintain humidity within the set limits (60%). It is also one of the ways to control humidity because fresh air is the primary source of humidity.

There are two ways to supply fresh air:

  1. Directly supply into the space, similar to an AHU (Air Handling Unit) function.
  2. Before it enters the FCU, it can be supplied directly into the mixing box of the FCU or in close proximity to the FCU.

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