Material dispensing booth – LAF weighing booth

Dispensing booth – an indispensable equipment in pharmaceutical cleanrooms

Dispensing Booth, also known as Material Dispensing Booth, Sampling Booth, or Compounding Booth, is an essential equipment used in pharmaceutical cleanrooms. It is used for compounding, sampling, weighing raw materials, and chemicals in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, tablet manufacturing, food processing, vaccine production, and other industries…

Dispensing booth is an equipment that creates negative pressure to prevent contamination from the outside environment, ensuring the protection of operators, materials/samples, and the surrounding environment.


Structure and Operating Principle of Dispensing Booth:


The dispensing booth consists of two main parts: the working area and the air filtration unit, as shown in the technical drawing below:


Operating Principle:

The fan is placed inside the filter unit and functions to draw and push the air inside the dispensing booth through the HEPA filter located above the working area. The airflow is directed through the HEPA filter, creating a stream of air that is pushed down into the working area of the material dispensing booth and then drawn back into the air filtration unit, passing through pre-filters and F8 filters.

Based on this operating principle, the Dispensing booth creates a downward laminar airflow and negative pressure within the working area. Therefore, when using the sample divider scale, the material inside the equipment will not cause contamination or release chemical dust outside, ensuring the protection of the operators from any potential contamination. Additionally, the generation of laminar airflow and airflow from the HEPA filter ensures that the environment inside the Dispensing Booth will always be maintained at the necessary cleanliness level.

Technical Specifications of Dispensing Booth

  • Working area size: The inner area of the material dispensing booth.
  • Outer size: The overall dimensions of the equipment.
  • Material: Typically made of stainless steel 304 or 316.
  • Airflow velocity in the work area: 0.45 m/s.
  • Electronic control system, automatically set up according to initial configuration.
  • Air Speed sensor.
  • IP55 electrical socket.
  • Filters: The material dispensing booth requires three filters for optimal operation:
    • Pre-filter: G4 grade (filters particles > 10μm).
    • Medium efficiency filter: F8 grade (filters particles > 5μm).
    • High-efficiency filter: HEPA 13-14 grade.
  • Ultra-low noise, not exceeding 65 dBA.
  • Stainless steel equipment body for durability and easy cleaning.
  • Equipped with lighting in the working area.
  • Intelligent control mode and alert system to ensure operational authenticity.
  • Additional accessories: LCD display, UV lamp, pressure gauge, premium curtains.


INTECH Factory manufactures Dispensing Booth:

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  • Sizes tailored to customer requirements.
  • Accessories from reputable brands: SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, ROSEN.
  • All designs protected by LENGE patents.
  • Comprehensive GMP-compliant documentation.
  • High safety standards.
  • Thoroughly inspected and tested before delivery following strict procedures.
  • Competitive,direct from the factory price
  • Consultation, design, construction and installation based on customer requirements.
  • Maintenance, repair, and customer support services are provided when the equipment encounters errors or operates inefficiently.

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