What is hepa box?

HEPA BOX, also known as HEPA Filter Box, is a specialized air filtration product used to supply clean air to cleanrooms.

The Hepa Box has various options:

  • With pressure testing ports for filter monitoring
  • Made of electrostatic powder-coated steel or galvanized steel
  • Available with H13 or H14 filter efficiency levels


  • 610x610x150 mm
  • 610x915x150 mm
  • 610x1220x150 mm


  • 1mm thick electrostatic powder-coated steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • White electrostatic powder-coated steel
  • Round flanges D290 to connect with D300 ducts

Applications of hepa box:

HEPA Boxes are commonly installed on cleanroom ceilings, similar to Fan Filter Units (FFUs). However, the key difference between HEPA Boxes and FFUs is that HEPA Boxes do not have integrated fans or a 3-speed controller (wind speed controller) like FFUs.

HEPA Boxes are usually installed in the ceiling of cleanrooms to achieve desired cleanliness and airflow levels. They are designed to be directly connected to Air Handling Units (AHUs), and the airflow is controlled by an adjustable damper located at the air intake. The HEPA filter is installed inside the HEPA Box and can be easily accessed and maintained from either inside the cleanroom or from the central conference area.

The case of the HEPA Box is usually made of electrostatic powder-coated steel or stainless steel and is equipped with diffusers that assist in creating a laminar airflow.

By coordinating with a ceiling system, the installation of the cleanroom can be replaced by modules. A HEPA filter unit can be directly connected to air ducts. It is equipped with a main body protection face filter. In addition, the inner air design must have a pad or U-channel with its internal adhesive gel to work as a sealing material between the HEPA Box and the main module body. Therefore, no special tools are required to replace the HEPA filter, protecting it from repeated pollution. Moreover, due to its small size, lightweight, easy assembly, and time-saving installation, it can be used in cleanrooms or other critical clean areas with cleanliness levels ranging from Class 1 to Class 100,000. Custom sizes and specifications are available to meet customer requirements.

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