Blower Filter Units (BFU)

– BFU is air filtering device equipped with a fan and installed on the cleanroom ceiling. 

– BFU is a variation of the Fan Filter Unit (FFU) 

– BFU consists of three main components: a fan, air filter, and blower box. 

– The primary function of the BFU is to adjust the airflow and filter out dust particles.


BFU is specifically used in areas with high cleanroom requirements, offering a simple structure and cost-effectiveness. So what is BFU? Are there any differences between BFU and FFU?

What is BFU (Blower Filter Unit) ?

Blower Filter Unit (BFU) is a forced convection air filtration unit that is connected to the air duct using flexible air ducts or flexible connectors and is installed on the ceiling of a cleanroom.

It is highly effective in providing clean air for high-level cleanrooms.

BFU can operate independently at each door, reducing installation and handling efforts, and it can achieve cleanliness levels ranging from ISO Class 5 to ISO Class 10,000, as a fan filter unit to maintain high cleanliness levels.

Structure of BFU:

BFU comprises three main components: a fan, an air filter, and an air diffuser.

  • Material: The frame is made of electrostatically painted steel, providing sturdy and aesthetic design.
  • Blower box: High blowing pressure, low-noise, and high-efficiency.
  • Air filter: HEPA filter, efficiently filtering particles as small as 0.3 micrometers with a 99.99% filtration efficiency.
Images and drawings of BFU




These parameters may vary depending on the project scale, construction terrain, and customer requirements.

Comparison between BFU and FFU?

In fact, BFU is a variant of FFU, essentially the same. The difference is that BFU consists of two independent and separate modules, connected to each other through flexible ducts or flexible joints, facilitating a convenient and easy connection to the air conditioning system.

This helps to increase the air pressure and airflow, as well as increase the air changes per hour for the cleanroom. It contributes to enhancing work efficiency and saving energy consumption costs for the machine.

Notable Features of BFU:

  • High work efficiency
  • Low power consumption for cost savings
  • Low noise during operation
  • Easy installation and construction
  • Quality certification according to ISO standards

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All products of INTECH are thoroughly tested and certified to meet clear standards.

Operating Principle of BFU – Blower Filter Unit:

BFU operates as a selective air exchange process between the external and internal cleanroom environment. Through the HEPA filter, air containing dust and contaminants is expelled or vice versa to maintain a clean environment in the cleanroom.

BFU should be installed in large rooms to ensure air cleanliness while saving operational costs.

Screenshot 1BFU 4 BFU INTECH

Applications of BFU in Cleanrooms:

BFU has the lowest noise level and is the most cost-effective air filtration device compared to other air filtration equipment on the market today. Therefore, it is applied in large cleanrooms ranging from Class 100 to 30,000 like semiconductor manufacturing plants, electronics, flat-panel displays, disk drives, as well as in optical and biological industries, and any other industries with stringent air quality control requirements.

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INTECH provides transportation and installation services of BFU for its customers.

Currently, there are many manufacturers and suppliers of BFU, and the trend is increasing, leading to a variety of products with different price ranges in the market. The price may indicate the quality of the product to some extent, but not all expensive products are good, and not all cheap products have poor quality. Therefore, before making a purchase, you need to thoroughly research the product and your own needs.

INTECH is a specialized company with extensive experience in assembling and manufacturing cleanroom equipment and experienced engineers, skilled workers. We take the initiative in managing the components and products to ensure prompt delivery when customers have urgent needs.