AHU for Pharmaceutical Industry

AHU (Air Handling Unit) is a heat exchange device used in HVAC systems or industrial factories, where there is a high requirement for clean rooms, such as in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and electronics technology industries. Nowadays, AHU systems are widely used in commercial buildings and large shopping centers with central chiller systems. It can also be understood as a pre-processing device, similar to PAU, located in areas like corridors or large halls.


AHU is considered as the heart of clean room systems, applied in operating rooms, pharmaceutical and health supplements production rooms. Therefore, INTECH has built a factory that complies with GMP and ISO standards, equipped with advanced control technology to help factory managers easily monitor the “heartbeat” of their facility.

INTECH will help customers address concerns regarding clean room equipment and technology for GMP and ISO projects.

One of the outstanding features of INTECH Air & Clean Tech’s AHU is its durability, less proneness to breakdowns, and much more competitive price compared to directly imported AHUs from Thailand or South Korea.

AHU INTECH tich hop khu am sau

INTECH produced AHU integrated with Deep Dehumidification


Manufactured by a high-precision CNC production line, the Air Handling Unit from INTECH Air & Clean Tech can meet all requirements for temperature, humidity, and air quality in rooms, as well as the noise standards for most air conditioning and ventilation applications. 

The AHU is designed as a modular system, allowing the connection of multiple clusters to meet the flexible needs of customers, from simple to complex setups.

INTECH xuat hang di cong trinh

The AHU – INTECH Air & Clean Tech is widely applied in various fields, including:

  • Cleanroom Systems: Hospitals, laboratories, cleanrooms.
  • Processing and Manufacturing: Semiconductor components, electronics, pharmaceuticals.
  • Industrial Manufacturing: Chemicals, automotive, petroleum.
  • Buildings: High-rise buildings, theaters, supermarkets,…

Main Structure:

Coil Unit:

The coil unit with high heat transfer efficiency

  • Low pressure loss through coil
  • Optimal humidity heat exchange efficiency.

Coil Structure:

  •  Made of copper tubes and aluminum fins.
  •  The frame is made of galvanized steel or stainless steel according to requirements.
  •  All coils are tested for tightness in a water environment with compressed nitrogen before delivery.

Fan and Motor

The centrifugal fan is a direct-drive fan specially designed for cleanrooms.The fan blades are driven by a three-phase motor.

The fan is developed using advanced technology, featuring low noise, compact structure, and designed specifically for AHU production.

– The airflow rate and pressure range of the fan fluctuate between 1000m³/h to 20000m³/h and 200Pa to 850Pa, making it ideal for air conditioning and various ventilation systems.

 quat ahu intecgh

Fan and Frame of AHU

(1). Screw Shaft (made of hot-dip galvanized steel)

(2). Fan Blades (made of high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel)

(3). Base Plate / Frame (made of hot-dip galvanized steel)

(4). Motor (three-phase motor with noise reduction in sync with external rotor)

(5). Flange (made of hot-dip galvanized steel)


  • The frame is made of steel tubes combined with electrostatically painted aluminum to ensure rigidity, durability, and corrosion resistance during transportation, installation, and use. Corner joints are made of aluminum alloy.
  • The robust AHU base is made of steel and electrostatically powder-coated. The frame base is also designed with convenient lifting holes.
  • The AHU standard panel has a 2-layer casing, designed for easy assembly and disassembly without affecting the overall aesthetics of the AHU unit. A specialized gasket is used at the contact point between the panel and the frame to ensure insulation and airtightness.

Filter Unit

  • The filter unit is designed to be airtight, with quick-disconnect filter frames, making cleaning or replacing filters convenient and straightforward.
  • INTECH Air & Clean Tech can design AHU units with various types of filters based on customer requirements.

Optional features

Depending on customer requirements, the consulting team at INTECH Air & Clean Tech will collaborate with clients to select optional items such as heaters, variable frequency drives, sound attenuation, control cabinets,…

Optional items: AHU control cabinet.

Here are some images of AHU units shipped to customers:


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